Clean air is essential for our health. However, particularly when renovating rooms, you may be exposed to hazardous VOCs and other unhealthy substances.

Formaldehyde is a known air pollutant slowly released in the air by materials like wood composite, plywood, carpets, paints or adhesives.

SYSTEXX Active Absorb provides cleaner, healthier environment by breaking down formaldehyde’s molecules from the air. It reduces the amount of air pollutants in a efficient, sustainable way throughout its entire life cycle, absorbing around 65% of pollutants within 24 hours of its application.

SYSTEXX Active Absorb 060.

Absorb 060

SYSTEXX Active Absorb 604.

Absorb 604

SYSTEXX Active Absorb Glassfleece.

SYSTEXX Active Absorb 633.

SYSTEXX Active Absorb 639.


SYSTEXX Active Absorb technical data sheet
VOC according to AgBB
Glass fabric application guidelines for installation with Aqua Technology
Oeko-Tex certificates
SYSTEXX Aqua Technology technical data sheet
eco-INSTITUT test report
SYSTEXX Active Absorb folder
SYSTEXX fire classification
VOC according to french regulations
SYSTEXX CE declarations of performance