While backing or carrier fabrics tend to bend and buckle, Vitrulan’s mesh structures are characterized by high dimensional stability and tear strength with minimal stretching. By contrast, backing or carrier fabrics offer a higher bending, buckling, and shear strength. Both fabric types can support safe fire protection depending on the construction.

Possible uses of technical mesh structures: reinforcing inserts for roofing and sealing membranes, lining and laminating material for non-wovens and foils, resin reinforcement for natural stone and marble slabs, backing for mosaic tiles, lining and laminating lightweight panels and insulating panels, reinforcement membranes for flooring, indoor plastering and surface levelling. Reinforcement mesh primarily for mesh reinforced plaster, for mortar reinforcement and carrier, drainage mats and decoupling mats, supporting mesh for heat conductors, asphalt reinforcement grids, reinforcement mesh for molded parts.

Technical Mesh Structures.


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