Be it the deepest jungle or the vast, barren desert landscape: SYSTEXX Phantasy takes you on a journey into fantastic worlds. Opulent designs, fascinating and large-size patterns turn entire rooms or accentuated walls into the highlight of any apartment, office or hotel room. Create a breathtaking atmosphere and liven up your walls with fantastic decor ideas.

In addition to expressive glass fabrics, you will now also find two fascinating Effect Print designs in the SYSTEXX Phantasy range. Extremely fine sand is applied to a perfectly smooth glass fleece with a special printing technology and creates impressive effects that vary depending on how the light falls on the design.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Diamond Dust 072.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Icecubes 077.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Bamboo 050.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Desert 083.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Stardust 073.

SYSTEXX Phantasy Stardust 073


Technical data sheet SYSTEXX Phantasy
VOC according to AgBB
CE declaration of performance
OekoTex certification
Fire classification SYSTEXX
VOC according french regulations
Effect Print application guideline for installation with Aqua Technology
Glass fabric application guideline for installation with Aqua Technology
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