SYSTEXX Pure offers countless design options for your rooms. Straight lines, well-defined textures and perfectly smooth surfaces create a calm setting and deliberately enhance the purist look of your walls. In addition, this reduction also provides the ideal basis for sophisticated stucco techniques or color combinations. All wall coverings included in the SYSTEXX Pure range offer the same technical benefits as glass fiber wall coverings: they are crack-bridging, impact resistant, fire resistant and non-hazardous to health.

In addition to a multitude of patterns and glass fleeces, the SYSTEXX Pure range now also features an Effect Print design. Extremely fine sand is applied to a perfectly smooth glass fleece with a special printing technology and creates impressive effects that vary depending on how the light falls on the design.

SYSTEXX Pure Jute 004.

SYSTEXX Pure Fleece V22.

SYSTEXX Pure Silk 060.

SYSTEXX Pure Dots 075.

SYSTEXX Pure Small Stripes 025.

SYSTEXX Pure Small Stripes 025

SYSTEXX Pure Big Stripes 006.

SYSTEXX Pure Big Stripes 006

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 603.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 603

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 608.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 608

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 633.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 633

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 635.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 635

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 639.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 639

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 650.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 650

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 532.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 604.

SYSTEXX Pure Structure 629.


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SYSTEXX Pure technical data sheet
CE declarations of performance SYSTEXX
Glass fabric application guidelines for installation with Aqua Technology
Oeko-Tex certification
VOC according french regulations
Effect Print application guidelines for installation
Glass fleece application guidelines for installation with Aqua Technology
SYSTEXX fire classification
VOC according to AgBB
US Architectural SpecsUS Architectural Specs