Once you have enjoyed the benefits of a whiteboard surface, you won’t want to miss it. Wherever you may be, whatever you are doing — in a creative meeting, duty planning, at home in the kitchen, in the office or in the children’s room. Whiteboards are ideal to put down ideas, leave a note for your colleagues or a short message for your better half. In addition to the space required and the often disturbing appearance, even the largest whiteboards quickly reach their limits. Ideas need space. And the greater the creativity, the more space is needed.

SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard can do even more: not only can the whiteboard surface be written on and wiped clean over and over again, but it also features a magnetic back, so that you can keep your notes and important documents visible on the wall with conventional magnets.

Systexx Active Magnetic Whiteboard.


SYSTEXX Active Magnetic Whiteboard technical data sheet
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